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L. Eileen Keller, Ph.D., a licensed, supportive, experienced Clinical Psychologist located in Oakland

L. Eileen Keller, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist Psy7350
Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis Consultation
email: dr.keller@kellerphd.com


Session fee negotiable for more than two per week.

Adult and Child Therapy Sessions

I meet with adults one to five times per week, knowing that greater intensity, achieved by frequent meetings, while not always necessary, can be very helpful in creating the conditions for change. Some patients prefer to use the analytic couch, finding that they feel freer to say what they are thinking and feeling than when face to face. Others are more comfortable with face-to-face seating. In psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, patients are asked to give as complete a report as possible of the thoughts, feelings, fantasies and sensations they become aware of while we are together. Over time, as trust and respect develop, this allows a deeper understanding of the patient's mind to develop, which throws light on the difficulties that brought them to treatment. I share my understanding of the patient's mind as we go along. Together, we work to put into words the deepest understanding of the patient's personality that we can achieve.

Children are asked to show as much as possible of the workings of their mind to me as well, but generally through play. I provide small toys and art materials so that the child, with safety assured by me, can play out his or her difficulties. This play gives me the information I need to understand the child's troubles and help the child to resolve his or her difficulties or come to terms with his or her circumstances.